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The Naked Trader by Robbie Burns
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The Naked Trader [Paperback]

How anyone can make money trading shares

by Robbie Burns
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Description of The Naked Trader

Completely updated and expanded 3rd edition

The most entertaining book on how to trade shares is back - and this time it's even more revealing. In this completely updated and expanded third edition, top trader Robbie Burns gives you the lowdown on the trading strategies you need to make money from the stock market without having to sit at a screen for every second of the day. Robbie quit the rat race more than ten years ago, and believes you can do it too.

The first two editions of The Naked Trader flew off the shelves as the glowing reviews from readers mounted up. This brand-new third edition contains even more essential content than before: more vital tips, more key facts, more ideas, more insights, more real-life tales and an awful lot more toast. Not to mention twice the number of secret trading strategies: 20 proven techniques that you can use to make money from the markets.

Trading shares, eating toast, making money

Robbie, aka the Naked Trader, is your expert and highly entertaining guide to the often baffling world of the stock market. In between cups of tea, rounds of toast and watching "Cash in the Attic", he describes the straightforward techniques that have enabled him to succeed in the markets, escape the rat race and ensure he never has to wear a tie again.

This book tells you all you need to know to become a successful investor. From how to find good shares in the first place, ensuring you don't buy a complete stinker, to getting your timing right, minimising your losses and learning how to let your profits run. And for the first time, find out how Robbie even made money and protected himself during market meltdowns and how you too can defend your trading when the market throws a wobbly. He also happily reveals his mistakes too.

If you're a complete beginner you can start here. And if you're currently trading but want to learn some new ideas, get reading now! The Naked Trader is packed with practical and easy-to-follow advice, with none of the incomprehensible jargon found in so many other books. Robbie hates jargon and writes in plain English! Whether you just want to make a few quid on the side while you're at work or eventually you want to go on to make money from the markets full-time and quit work like Robbie, this book is all you need to get started.

So grab some tea, toast and relax - and start trading the naked way.

***The paperback edition of this book comes with a free eBook version***

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Title Information

408 pages
Product Code:
Harriman House
3rd Edition

Press and Industry Reviews

Praise for the second edition:

"The Naked Trader is a huge hit because it makes novice investors money."
- Clem Chambers, ADVFN

"The book covers an impressive amount of ground, from the basics of setting up as a trader, to the meat of strategies and psychology, and plenty of honest examples of where things have gone wrong. As an introduction to the world of shares, The Naked Trader scores highly."
- Dominic Picarda, Investors Chronicle

"The relaxed way to make a fortune!"
- David Schwartz, market expert

Praise for the first edition:

"A must read for all aspiring millionaires..."
- David Schwartz, market analyst

"Robbie is his own man and his book will show you that it is possible to build a susbstantial portfolio using common sense techniques."
- George Hallmey, Click Events

"The Naked Trader by Robbie Burns sounds awfully like one of those 'How anyone can make money trading shares' books that wouldn't get a mention in this column. It really does say exactly that on the cover. But hey - to ignore the fact that this promise sells books would be very naive. It's what's inside that counts...recommended...as a gift for laddish investors."
- Alistair Blair, Investors Chronicle - Books of the Year

Write a review of this book

Customer Reviews from Amazon

About Robbie Burns

Robbie Burns has been a journalist and writer since he graduated in journalism from Harlow College in 1981. After starting life as a reporter and editor for various local newspapers, from 1988-1992 he was editor of ITV and Channel 4's teletext services. He also wrote ITV's daily teletext soap opera, 'Park Avenue', for five years.

He then went on to freelance for various newspapers, including the Independent and the Sun, and also helped set up a financial news service for CNN. In 1997, he became editor for BSkyB's teletext services and set up their shares and finance service. While there he also set up various entertainment phone lines in conjunction with BSkyB, including a Buffy the Vampire Slayer phone line that made him nearly £250,000.

He left full-time work in 2001 to trade and run his own businesses, which included a cafe in London that he later sold, doubling his money on the initial purchase. While at BSkyB, Robbie broadcast a diary of his share trades, which became hugely popular. He transferred the diary to his website, www.nakedtrader.co.uk, which became one of the most-read financial websites in the UK.

Between 2002 and 2005 he wrote a column for the Sunday Times, 'My DIY Pension', featuring share buys and sells made for his pension fund which he runs himself in a SIPP. He managed to double the money in his pension fund from £40,000 to £80,000 in under three years, as chronicled in these articles. By mid-2011 he had turned it into £250,000. Robbie now writes a weekly column for ADVFN.com.

Robbie has made a tax-free gain of well over £1,000,000 from trading shares since 1999, making a profit every year, even during market downturns. His public trades alone - detailed on his website - have made more than £900,000. He is also the author of The Naked Trader's Guide to Spread Betting.

He lives in a riverside apartment on the Thames with his wife, Elizabeth, and young son Christopher. His hobbies include chess, running, swimming, horse racing, and trading shares from his bedroom, erm ... naked. After all, he wouldn't be seen dead in a thong ... (you might catch him in Speedos).

Contents of The Naked Trader

About the Author

Preface: Welcome to the Crazy World of Shares

Introduction: Trading Shares, Eating Toast, Making Money

Part I. Rat Race, Exeunt
1. Escaping the Rat Race
2. A Day in the Life of a Naked Trader

Part II. Getting Started
3. Is Trading Right for You?
4. What Do You Want From Your Trading?
5. Types of Trader and Investor
6. The Trader's Toolkit
7. What You Need to Know to Start Trading
8. The Mental Side of the Markets

Part III. Picking Shares
9. How Do I Find Shares Worth Looking At?
10. How to Select Shares

Part IV. Trading Strategies
11. 20 Winning Strategies
12. IPOs - How They Can Make You Money
13. Trading Times of the Year
14. Time for Tea and Toast
15. Buybacks, AGMs and Perks
16. When the Excrement Wallops the Air Circulation Device

Part V. Charts, Timing, Targets and Stops
17. Charts and How I Use Them
18. Market Timing
19. Volumes
20. Setting Stop Losses and Profit Targets

Part VI. The Next Level
21. SIPPs
22. Level 2 and DMA
23. Spread Betting
24. Shorting
25. Other Instruments

Part VII. Trading in Real Life
26. It Shouldn't Happen to a Share Trader ...
27. Traders' Tales
28. Bulletin Boards
29. The Market Can See You Coming

Part VIII. The End (Almost)
30. The Naked Trader Rules
31. Finally ...

- Useful Information Sources
- Quiz - What Sort of Investor Are You?
- The Naked Trader

Thanks for reading ...


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