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Chinese Yuan (Renminbi) Derivative Products by Peter G. Zhang
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Chinese Yuan (Renminbi) Derivative Products [Paperback]

by Peter G. Zhang
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Description of Chinese Yuan (Renminbi) Derivative Products

With the CNY revaluation perspectives, hundreds of billions of US dollars have been invested in various types of CNY-related derivative products. As a derivatives specialist with more than ten years' experience in the international financial market and with a working experience in China in the past few years, the author offers a volume on trading and other practical issues of CNY-related derivative products in the offshore marketplace.

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404 pages
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World Scientific Publishing Co Pte Ltd

Press and Industry Reviews

"I count Peter Zhang as one of the young heroes of the field of finance and this book surely illustrates my view. He brings his extensive knowledge and experience in derivatives and the operation of markets to bear in China where the development of both, while nascent, offers great promise. In his book, he has taken a very pragmatic and thoughtful approach to contending with and managing the risks of transactions in Chinese Yuan, contributing to both the scholarship and practice of finance in the global economy. The Chinese yuan will become a major currency in the global marketplace and this book will help readers get ready."
- Sharon Brown-Hruska, Acting Chairman and Commissioner, US Commodity Futures Trading Commission

"Peter G Zhang's new book on the Chinese yuan is an important and welcome addition to the body of English language works pertaining to the development of Chinese financial markets. It offers a comprehensive overview of financial derivatives in China and as such is much more than an analysis of the issues dealing with the revaluation of the Chinese currency."
- Leo Melamed, Chairman Emeritus and Senior Policy Advisor, Chicago Mercantile Exchange

"The new book on Chinese yuan derivative products by Peter G Zhang is the most comprehensive one written so far on existing derivatives relating to the Chinese currency trading both onshore and offshore. I am sure it will prove to be of great value not only to international trade and financial participants but also for domestic Chinese financial institutions in product innovation as China further integrates into the world economy, both financially and trade-wise."
- Shengman Zhang, Managing Director, World Bank

"Peter G Zhang's book on the Chinese yuan derivatives is a timely work analyzing the major derivative products trading in the offshore market based on systematic introduction of the Chinese economy and financial system. I highly recommend this book as it is useful for the international community with increasing trade and financial businesses with China and particularly valuable for Chinese financial institutions that began to accelerate derivatives businesses guided by the 'Interim Rules on Derivatives Business of Financial Institutes'."
- Li Fuan, Deputy Director General, China Banking Regulatory Commission

"I commend Dr Peter G Zhang's highly readable new book on Chinese Yuan derivatives as essential reading for those who want to participate in the likely explosive growth of a sophisticated Chinese financial services industry over the next ten years. For financial practitioners China is the biggest market opportunity in the world today - but please do your homework and ignore this book at your peril!"
- Roy Leighton, Chairman, European Advisory Board, CALYON SA and Chairman, Futures & Options Association, London

"Peter Zhang's new book on Chinese yuan derivative products is set to become essential reading for any participant in world capital markets as China continues its development towards becoming a key financial centre."
- Tim Cook, Regional Head Exchange Traded Derivatives - Asia Pacific, UBS

"Peter Zhang's new book will be an important asset to international finance in general and to Chinese finance in particular."
- Sangkee Min Professor, Seoul National University, South Korea

"Comprehensive and practical in its topical coverage, Peter Zhang's new book combines many years of experience working in the field of derivatives and a deep knowledge of the Chinese economic environment to provide a systematic treatment of issues surrounding the Chinese Yuan derivative products. Not only will this book be tremendously helpful for practitioners, it would also greatly benefit scholars and policy makers alike."
- Jin Li, Assistant Professor, Harvard Business School

"Peter G Zhang knows both the international and the domestic Chinese financial market. He proves this once more in his new book, Chinese Yuan (Renminbi) Derivative Products. Drawing on his more than ten years’ experience in these markets he presents the international foreign exchange cash and derivative markets in a remarkably pragmatic way, easily leading the reader through the still inscrutable situation of today’s Chinese derivative market.

All in all, a book worth reading for all those involved in any way with this market; students and pragmatics, businessmen and risk managers, traders and investors."
- Dr Jörg Franke, Former CEO of Eurex

"Peter Zhang's new book provides a sweeping overview of recent developments in China's economy, banking and capital markets. He uses his extensive knowledge of derivatives to review pragmatic issues related to the development of and trading in Chinese Yuan derivatives. Peter's writing style is very readable - and a must read - for any derivatives professional wishing to understand the growing role of the Chinese economy and the development and use of derivatives based on the Chinese Yuan."
- William J Brodsky, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer Chicago Board Options Exchange

Write a review of this book

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Contents of Chinese Yuan (Renminbi) Derivative Products

1. The Chinese Economy and Financial System

2. Foreign Exchange Market and Foreign Exchange Derivatives Market

3. The Asian Financial Crisis and Financial Derivatives

4. Chinese Yuan (CNY) Derivatives

5. Future Development

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